A New Beginning

Over the past two years, my relationship with blogging has been strained. One of the most fruitful teaching experiences I have had involved the process of getting a group of sixth graders to blog throughout the school year. My blog was a shared one – the teachers wrote (intermittently) in order to model “best practices” for the students. Often, it was an afterthought rather than a focused effort and example of true reflection (something I will most definitely change if I have the opportunity to teach a similar unit). I have yearned to make time for a professional blog since I was a) introduced to the Read/Write Web by Willy Kjellstrom and b) inspired by professional development with  Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach.

For the past month, I have challenged myself to write (journal) and reflect more often, but I often find that I am spending much more time reading than actually writing. I think that it’s a good thing – to be reading, absorbing, learning – but in order for me to adopt a greater understanding, I must process and reflect in a visual and connected way – not only for myself but for others as well.

This is my journey “to the lighthouse” – a journey that will (hopefully) lead to greater illumination of my thoughts on teaching, technology, and leadership…


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