CNN Coverage of #RTNATL

A few of us at Trinity School spent most of the past month (or two) planning what-turned-out-to-be a very successful event on March 15th. It was so successful, in fact, that CNN decided to do a segment on the event during Fredricka Whitfield’s “Fix Our Schools” Segment. My favorite quote from the report (which you can watch below) is from Stephen Kennedy, Trinity’s Head of School (and my boss):

“We’re hopeful that this kind of documentary and the dialogue that it creates will end up providing a lot of conversation about alternatives so that kids can have both deep learning and deep thinking and also a healthy lifestyle.”

Smart, huh?

At some point this week, I plan to review the video of the panel discussion and hope to share some (all?) of the footage here. In the meantime, here’s the CNN coverage:


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