Learning is Everywhere: Langley News

Learning is Everywhere

Image Credit: Photo courtesy of @L_Hilt

We have a fourth grader at Trinity who started her own newspaper this year. She has been working with our Director of Communications on her writing style which has improved drastically over the course of the school year.  When May’s edition of the Langley News appeared on my desk, I wondered about M. Langley’s motivation to start her own paper. She was happy to share:

The Langley News is my newspaper that I wrote. Why did I write it is a good question. I get many things from my dad and writing was what he was good at. Sometimes when I’m cleaning out cabinets I find little short 2 sentence stories that I wrote in Pre-K. When I write in my journal I feel free and writing has become my future and my past. I truly love writing stories and I enjoy my newspaper so much I can’t wait to start the next one! My favorite parts about the Langley News are writing it, seeing it all finished, and watching the people I give it to read it. In my classroom we are reading the book called The Landry News, that gave me the idea.

Writing isn’t something you can force me to do. I’ll do it on my own.

— M. Langley, Fourth Grader