Libraries = Learning = Life #nxtchp2011

As I wrote earlier this week, I spent last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the RE:ED Next Chapter Summit on the Future of the K-12 Library. The goal of Reimagine: Ed, a partnership between the Lovett School and Be Playful Design, is to “serve as a catalyst for changing the future of learning.”

I am loving the blog posts that are emerging from the weekend and wanted to share a few. Even though the summit centered on the future of the library, Trung Le (of The Third Teacher and Cannon Design) said it best in a “provocateur session” on Saturday:

The weekend is not just about reinventing libraries. It’s about reinventing learning. We must consider the entire context.

With that in mind, the following posts have sparked my thinking about how libraries = learning = life. All of the posts (with the exception of the final one) were written by RE:ED attendees:

To see the ongoing conversation on Twitter, follow the nxtchp2011 hashtag.

For photos on Flickr, check out the #nxtchp2011 group.

And finally, here’s the SlideShare of my group’s “What If: The Endless Library” presentation from the final day:




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