Thinking about CHANGEd: What if faculty meetings were more like fashion shows? 60-60-60 #2 and reflecting…

My one year of New York City living did not turn me into a fashionista. The fashion knowledge I possess comes from People Magazine and the sporadic awards show clips I watch while eating breakfast during the 7:00-7:10 segment of the TODAY show in the morning. So, the jumping-off-point of faculty meetings and fashion shows is quite a stretch.

I like that fashion designers must be flexible and forward-thinking, reacting to the unique trends of the season and the demands of various consumers. I suspect that they create their unique designs, unfettered by many constraints, and then find models to showcase their creations.

I worry, however, that educators (myself included) are a bit too much like fashion designers. A bit too flexible (and not strategic). Reacting a bit too much to the trends of the 21st century season. Fettered to the demands of those who are not professional educators (politicians, school boards, celebrities), those who are a bit more business-driven than kid-driven. Thinking less about the unique groupings of students in our classrooms and schools (and what they specifically need) and more about the designs and trends of 21st century education.

What, in education, have we adopted that’s too much like fashion and costume?

What trends of this educational season are here to stay?

What will be seen as “so last season”?


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