Thinking about What if schools factored in experiment days like snow days? 60-60-60 #6 and reflecting…

At Trinity, we call these experiment days “x days.” Days to throw out the A – F day schedule, days to take risks, days to think past the usual curriculum, days to veer away from the segmented subject areas, days to create something different. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. These days could certainly be called grow days as Bo suggests. Truthfully, the reason for this moniker is because there are a lot of growing pains involved. But that’s natural, I think.

So, two bright spots from previous x days. And one opportunity that surfaced yesterday.

Bright Spot #1: Our Three Year Old classes built a bike. In the short video, you’ll see that it’s everything from math to physical education. It happened on a no-schedule, risky, outside the curriculum, non-subject area, different kind of an x day:

Bright Spot #2: 480 Kindergarten through Sixth Graders worked together to create a global community of people that was displayed in our dining hall. The result was a day where process mattered so much more than product. A second Grader reflects on process in his own words and writes eloquently about what this no-schedule, risky, outside the curriculum, non-subject area, different kind of an x day meant to him:

[My favorite part of X day was] making our ideas come together. I really ijoyed making are people because I got to make some new friends and got to coerate with people from other grade levles. I think my group made a awesome paper child and we rilly were a graet group. I was the gaffer and I think it was a great fit for me. My group had 2 5th graders and me. One 5th grader was named Conner. They were really nice. I really liked this activety and hope we have another one like it next year. I wish we had one activetys like that every day. I will look back at this moment and be like wow I really had fun that day.


An Opportunity: Fifth Grader Katherine H. wrote a blog post yesterday entitled Spring Break Aspens. If we were to give her a day to explore the “seed” that was planted on her spring break — to do anything with the idea she presented in her blog post — to explore the many connections possible with a study of aspen trees — to act like a historian, scientist, sociologist, artist, writer, or _____________ — what could she learn, who could she connect with, and how might she grow? What would her no-schedule, risky, outside the curriculum, non-subject area, different kind of a grow day look like?


2 thoughts on “CHANGEd 60-60-60: GROW DAYS

  1. Megan, thanks for sharing a concrete, real example of “grow days” with Trinity’s X days. The examples and media views are so rich and enlightening! I wish more schools would share similarly.

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