CHANGEd 60-60-60: STUFF

Thinking about CHANGEd: What if we facilitated more stuff like the Cockroach Beatbox? 60-60-60 #10 and reflecting…

Image from Cockroach Beatbox TED Talk

I am not wild about this video — mostly because I am really terrified of roaches — but I am crazy in love with the visual (to the right) that appears just as the Cockroach Beatbox TED Talk concludes. It’s got a lot of interesting stuff.

How might teachers assess their lessons using such visual methods? How might administrators assess the faculty meetings they facilitate?

Most simply, there’s storytelling, technology, music, science, drawing, and engineering involved in this six minute lesson. These things are represented in the visual on the left. But the components of storytelling, technology, music, science, drawing, and engineering is just the surface. As Bo suggests, the comments on the talk offer opportunities for debate and discussion. A simple Google search for Greg Gage, the speaker and TED fellow, connects to Backyard Brains which could lead any adult or child down 1000 different  paths (check out their wiki and the wide range of DIY experiments). How might Gage’s LinkedIn profile provide an interesting history of his engagement with engineering, teaching, and entrepreneurship? Could roach research inform the pro- or con- side of the debate about using cockroaches for experimentation?

There’s a lot of stuff represented in the visual. Do the classes, meetings, and learning opportunities we facilitate have the right kind of stuff? Could a visual representation help us asses whether or not they do?



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