Thinking about What if schools were more like summer camps? 60-60-60 #19 and reflecting…

One of the things I remember about my experiences at summer camp (Greystone/2yrs and  Kanakuk/3yrs) is that I remember feeling surprised at how the counselors acted — most of the time — more like kids than adults. Or maybe it was that I wasn’t used to seeing adults act with such unbridled enthusiasm. Either way, I have vivid memories of my counselors reveling in the activities, the songs, the food fights, and the general energy that wound like a path through the morning, afternoon, and evening life of summer camp.

It’s been interesting to see, in the past couple of days, how Ross’s How Summer Camp Should Inform School post resonates with “us school folk.” And it points to the fact that many of us “school folk” are “camp folk” too.

What is it about camp that has so many former campers returning to serve as counselors, often for years at a time? Certainly it’s not a typical route, though it happens from time to time, that a student will return to his former school to become a teacher.

I love the exchange between Howell Burke and Bo  in the comments section of Bo’s post. Howell’s reflections add to the strong metaphor being woven in this online exchange about schools and camps and what we can learn from both institutions.

The comments between Howell and Bo point to something else as well…

Teacher as Student. Student as Teacher. Counselor as camper. Camper as Counselor.

There’s some good potential there.


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