CHANGEd 60-60-60: DESIGN

Thinking about What if we audited our purposes for using grades? 60-60-60 #21 and reflecting…

image credit: design thinking @ the nueva school (march 2012)

I’ve been looking through the High Schools That Work (HSTW) documents related to their “grading audit.” The documents (linked here) and the process associated with thinking critically and creatively about grading reflect such a strong connection to the design process that it’s no wonder why Bo chose to highlight this group’s work. The “Two Minute Interviews” (page 2), the starting point for HSTW’s work, is directly in line with the first and oftentimes most important phase of the design process, research and “deep dive” (highlighted in bright blue in the image on the right).

So, what if we let the design process, outlined quite simply below, inform our approach to Bo’s question: Do we really understand the purposes of grading? I agree with Bo that with commitment to a ‘purpose audit,’ we’d be able to thoughtfully understanding our current purposes and thoughtfully change our practices related to grades and feedback.

1. research/deep dive: observe, act and listen, research, develop empathy and “look belowthe surface”

2. focus: synthesize and design

3. generate ideas: brainstorm

4. make informed decisions: analyze and choose

5. prototyping cycle: create prototypes, seek feedback, incorporate feedback

6. collaborate: project management, motivate and inspire, monitor team dynamics


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