Thinking about What if we built school-innovation labs…in school? 60-60-60 #34 and reflecting…

I’ve learned that there’s no boundaries, and if I look at the evolution of my work I can see threads and connections that make sense. But when I look towards the future, the next project is completely unknown and wide open. I feel like I have all these ideas existing embedded inside of me, and it’s these conversations and these experiences that connect these ideas, and they kind of instinctively come out. As a body architect, I’ve created this limitless and boundless platform for me to discover whatever I want. And I feel like I’ve just got started.
~Lucy McRae in her TED Talk (How can technology transform the human body?)

Problem: we are not creating a limitless and boundless platform for discovery in schools.
Why? I don’t think that we’re truly willing to embrace radical discomfort.

I don’t think that we educators surround ourselves with enough radical stuff. From swallowable perfume to edible (cuban pork sandwich) cigars…now that’s bizarrely innovative.

I don’t think that we educators surround ourselves with enough things that make us uncomfortable. (It goes back to the words about adults behaving as the student ideal.) Just today, I received @GapingVoid’s Daily Cartoon, outlining the StartupBus and I reflected on my own thinking. A 24-hour ride with the goal to create something different, viable, and innovative…interesting. Almost immediately however, I started thinking of all the reasons why this idea is great in theory…or why this idea is great for entrepreneurs…or why this idea is great but would never work at my school. But, is it really that my thoughts led me down this path because I’m unwilling to embrace something radical…or something uncomfortable? Am I even capable of doing such out-of-the-box thinking-embracing because I have been embedded in schools for 28 of my 31 years on earth? Does it have something to do with being unwilling to risk failure?

If we don’t get to the root of the problem then [schools-within-schools] or [school-innovation labs…in schools] will not ultimately bring the kind of revolution that’s needed. It’ll continue to feel like slow evolution…and there’s little that’s radical or uncomfortable or innovative about that.

So, what’s the first step? What does our radical, uncomfortable 24-hour StartupBus look like?

Image by @GapingVoid (Creative Commons BY NC ND)


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