Thinking about What if school could look more like Caine’s Arcade? 60-60-60 #38 and reflecting…

“We want to play! We want to play! We want to play!” That’s the chant heard as Caine drives up to his arcade and is met by hundreds of future customers. If you haven’t taken the ten minutes to watch this (now viral) video, make sure to do so. One week and 4.5 million views later, $165K has been raised for Caine’s Scholarship Fund and the $165K has been matched from Goldhirsh Foundation to start the Caine’s Arcade Foundation to support more kids.

So, it has me thinking, How many Caine Monroy’s are locked up inside our classrooms?

With a hat-tip Daniel Pink and Drive, what would Caine choose as his sentence? Judging from the video, it seems like he’d be forced to have two sentences. One for school and one for outside of school.

Schools should be places that unlock doors that help students find their sentence.

The story of Aaron Iba, CEO of AppJet and creator of EtherPad which was sold to Google for a reported 10 million dollars, as told by Lisa Nielsen in the Prezi presentation (linked below) resonates. Because school should not be a place that feels like a prison sentence. I wonder what school felt like to Caine Monroy. And now after all of this attention with his homemade arcade, I wonder if it feels better or worse.

Breaking Free from the Prison of School – Aaron Iba on Prezi by Lisa Neilen (@InnovativeEdu)


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