Thinking about What if we scaled playing school? 60-60-60 #39 and reflecting…with another player’s words.

It’s fitting that early this morning I placed an order for a copy of Grant Lichtman’s book, The Falconer: What We Wish We Had Learned in School. It’s something that I have been meaning to do for a full year, so I finally got around to ordering it as I’m looking forward to an upcoming weekend of reading and quiet. I certainly did not realize that today my 60-60-60 riff would be comprised of Lichtman’s words. Just as I repeated another player’s words in my 17th post, it’s time again that I bring another player into this 60 day composition.

I am not fully comfortable with the idea of “playing school.” I like the idea of positioning it in conjunction with playing sports and instruments, but as I read and thought this afternoon, I realized that I’m not on-board with shifting to the mindset of “playing school.” Since I haven’t distilled the evidence for these anti-play feelings, I welcomed the two comments on Bo’s post.

Enter Grant Lichtman, a vital player in this experi(ment)ence and the lead sound in today’s 39th riff. Here’s how he played with the idea:

One of my biggest “ah-hah”moments in education came in 1984 when I realized that the primary driver in meaningful education was when students actually care about what they are learning. I think we could substitute “creating” for “playing” in Bo’s post and it would lead us to that same place we want students to be, and where they want to be! Maybe this is another way to free up time for teachers: spend less time creating FOR the students and let them create for themselves in ways that generate personal investment.
~ Grant Lichtman in a comment on CHANGEd 60-60-60 #39

I like what he has created.


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