Thinking about What if teachers wore advertising like professional athletes? 60-60-60 #40 and reflecting…

The Things We Think and Do Not Say: The Future of Our Business

I had to look it up, but I must admit that I almost had the exact title of Tom Cruise’s Mission Statement from the Jerry Maguire movie memorized. In so many ways, it connects to Bo’s post today. And in so many ways, it’s eerily reflective of the “life cycle” of new teachers in schools. Watch the first 2m 40s of the clip below and envision Maguire as a new teacher, just out of graduate school. The Mission Statement could instead be…

The Things We Think and Do Not Say: The Future of Our Business Schools

Eerie, huh? Sad too.

So, how might we re-brand teachers (or teaching) so that educational philosophies and personal mission statements become the brands that we advertise and promote?

Think it’s impossible?

Check out what student Sinnea Douglass from Science Leadership Academy did. And she shared it with the world. So did her principal. If that’s the future of teachers and teaching, I’m hopeful. Really hopeful.

Text of Sinnea Douglas’s “When I Become a Teacher”

When I become a teacher
I’ll put a map of the world on every wall in my classroom
My students will always know to have a universal mindset
When they hear freedom, they’ll think of more than spirituals and Emancipation
They’ll remember the stinking pits at Babi Yar
The curled steel at Auchwitz
Sarajevo’s rifle butts
Cambodia’s grit and sweat and death
These classroom walls will not fence their minds.
Eyes will be opened. Again.

Instead of asking my students to adjust to my teaching style
Fawn in silent awe over my genius
I’ll ask them how they learn
Then tend to the visual
and tactile learners
the best way I can
They’ll never doubt their place in my plan,
Confuse our classroom for a cookie-cutter
Stage where they must sit on their hands.

I’ll take criticism.
Gather it like gold dust between my fingers.
Never satisfied, I’ll Practice my practice forever.

My classroom will be painted bright blues and yellows
Along with students drawings, murals and poetry
Displays of Me Magazines
And word walls
Scenes from books acted out
Role playing
and Mock trials
I will appreciate their creativity

I will teach my students inquiry
Ask them questions about the world around them
Their opinions on issues from health care to the Palestine Wall
I won’t talk at them, but with them
We’ll have discussions and debates

I will challenge them
Ask them how they would tackle issues like budgets cuts
Low reading levels
And school safety
I’ll ask them how they feel about Pennsylvania finding money to build 3 more prisons but cutting funding from schools
Or how they feel about districts paying millions for standardized test and curriculum but not having enough for extra curricular activities
They will be informed

My students will be poets
All while being beautiful

Everyday I will tell them they’re beautiful

[This work is licensed by Sinnea Douglas under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.]


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