Thinking about What if we schools collaborated more purposefully? 60-60-60 #43 and reflecting…

On the evening of April 19th, the day of CHANGEd #43, I had to call in reinforcements. I used my 60-60-60 “phone a friend” option to seek the advice of a fellow administrator at my school. I shared my predicament: “I am at a total and complete loss for words as well as any reasonably viable ideas. So, what should I do with that?”

Her answer: “Independent schools are independent for a reason. We don’t share well, so no wonder you’re stumped.” So that got us to talking about why schools don’t collaborate more purposefully. Our conversation was short but fruitful. A different kind of riff, so to speak. One inspired by this experi(ment)ence.

We talked honestly about one reality: competition.

And we talked honestly about one emotion: fear.

I let our conversation sink in for several days…feeling like I had to be able to come up with something better for this 43rd post. The reality is that I haven’t been able to. But Bo’s post served as a catalyst for a real and honest conversation. And one which made both of us a lot less hopeful that independent schools were able of becoming interdependent schools.



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