Thinking about What if we slowed down and let strong bonds form? 60-60-60 #44 and reflecting…

While they were handling the eggs to see which ones were duds and which have the possibility of hatching, the Fish discovered that one was beginning to hatch. The excitement was electrifying! Mackenzie held the egg up to everyone’s ear so they could hear the peeping going on inside from the chick…This egg-hatching event has led to an impromptu sleepover at the school for some of the kids (with their brave accompanying parents) to wait for the baby chicks to peck their way out of their eggs – probably sometime around 3am.  ~Justine, So Much Happened

An all-night sleepover at school…unplanned…to wait for and watch the hatching of baby chicks. The willingness of those in the Brightworks School community to “slow down” and relinquish their grasp on the standard school day or the (un)structured schedule in order to cultivate deeper learning experiences is a beautiful thing. And a lovely accompanying sound to Bo’s 44th post.

The picture (right) that accompanied the post reminded me of a reflection by Anne Lamott — Time Lost and Found. I love the story she shares about an Indian beggar:

I often remember the story from India of a beggar who sat outside a temple, begging for just enough every day to keep body and soul alive, until the temple elders convinced him to move across the street and sit under a tree. Years of begging and bare subsistence followed until he died. The temple elders decided to bury him beneath his cherished tree, where, after shoveling away a couple of feet of earth, they found a stash of gold coins that he had unknowingly sat on, all those hand-to-mouth years.

You already have the gold coins beneath you, of presence, creativity, intimacy, time for wonder, and nature, and life. Oh, yeah, you say? And where would those rascally coins be?

I am convinced that it is our job as educators to create exploration into a life of “presence, creativity, intimacy, time for wonder, and nature” as a part of the school experience. I also firmly believe that all schools are sitting on many rascally coins. However some schools, like Brightworks, are unearthing those coins…one sleepover at a time.


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