Thinking about What if we “called the electric company” more often with gratitude? 60-60-60 #45 and reflecting…

As a young child, my hair tangled easily. I remember sitting on a stool in my parent’s bathroom, looking into the mirror and up at my mother, as she took a comb to my wet head and carefully, slowly, meticulously combed the tangles out of my long sandy blond hair. As I reflect on those hours spent sitting still and grimacing with each catch in the comb, I can now see that it was really a beautiful time for my mother and me. Time spent talking, problem-solving, musing, laughing, crying, connecting. Time spent just-the-two-of-us without interruption. Time spent building a stronger mother-daughter bond.

A colleague and friend wrote a poignant reflection, The Beauty of Tangles, a couple of months ago — it’s writing that came to mind as I read Bo’s 45th CHANGEd post. Her words illustrate the importance of finding those bright-spots, the power in strengths-chasing, and how practicing gratitude for things both large and small, easy or difficult, only makes life more beautiful. Because sometimes bright spots aren’t easy to find in the midst of all of those tangles. Sometimes finding strengths or success in schools and in our students isn’t always so apparent. May we all learn to take the necessary time and elicit the great care necessary when it comes to those tangles we routinely face in our schools and in our selves.

Tangles in our lives are not always as small either in size or annoyance and frustration as one skein of yarn.  They may be such that it is virtually impossible to see the beauty or vision…nothing feels soft or colorful and the layers and directions are hard to sort; sometimes the tangles become more intricate and even knotted before being freed. We  turn the situation over and over, looking for all angles hoping for a way out and forward. At times we feel that we are solidly in the middle of the mess, tangles completely surrounding us on all sides.

Whether we have brought them on ourselves as with my skein of yarn or whether they seem to have come into our lives with no rhyme or reason, un-beckoned, tangles happen.  The challenge is to be able to see the color, beauty, intricacy and depth in them that will give way to beauty and a new, gorgeous “product.”  It may be that without the tangles and without anticipation, determination, and hope we would never have come to know that particular beautiful new piece of ourselves.
~ Dawn Pile, The Beauty of Tangles


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