Thinking about What if we connected students with city design projects? 60-60-60 #52 and reflecting…

Today’s CHANGEd riff brings in Diana Laufenberg’s words from her November 2010 TEDxMidAtlantic talk:

The main point is that, if we continue to look at education as if it’s about coming to school to get the information and not about experiential learning, empowering student voice and embracing failure, we’re missing the mark. And everything that everybody is talking about today isn’t possible if we keep having an educational system that does not value these qualities, because we won’t get there with a standardized test, and we won’t get there with a culture of one right answer. We know how to do this better, and it’s time to do better.

The reality is that there are so many students, teachers, and schools that are already “doing better” and blurring the boundaries between school and real-life in ways that are life-giving — in ways that are empowering both children and adults. Identifying bright-spots and strengths-chasing are certainly two ways, but what about our collective voice? How do we make it even louder? What struck me today as I read Diana’s most recent post about her talk is that we must amplify those stories. She writes,

The message of an individual has never had such an opportunity to amplify as it does in our socially networked world, where the voice of an ordinary person can find agency and audience. Everything can be different if we have the will to connect and build a version of the world that reflects the full measure of our potential.

As I think about things like Synergy 8, Re-Imagine Ed, QUEST/Capstone, the edu180atl project, and classes like Diana Laufenberg’s, I wonder how we can best share and amplify the stories of experiential learning, empowering student voice, and embracing failure in ways that make a difference. Sure twitter and blogging and sharing through all of the other social media channels are all great things, but how can we consolidate all of these examples in order to both share and amplify powerful student experiences and effective school programs and curricula?


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