It’s Late on a Tuesday…

It’s late on a Tuesday, and…

I’m thrilled that I’m exhausted. I’m thrilled that I’m emotional. I’m thrilled that I’m inspired.

I’m thrilled that I know I should reflect on the previous two days but I’m spending my limited time this summer evening connecting with Trinity teachers on Twitter. I’m thrilled that I’m answering emails about embedding videos into blogs. I’m thrilled that I’m reading through not one but two backchannels which show significant engagement in ideas related to learning, assessment, curriculum, and technology.

I’m thrilled that I grew as a learner and leader through my interactions with colleagues. I’m thrilled that my colleagues grew as learners and leaders through their interactions with one another. I’m thrilled that there was…

Interactions. Leading. Learning.

And, it wasn’t about the tools.

Thanks to a “let’s do something different” idea that came about in an Administrative meeting this Spring, Trinity School hosted an in-house conference on June 6 and 7 which sought to address the problem the opportunity of Teaching the iGeneration:

The students in our current three-year-old classes will graduate from high school in 2025. Like the Baby Boomers and Millennials are defined by the generation of which they are a part, our student body is part of the iGeneration. With Trinity’s focus on personalized learning, we must acknowledge that we live in a digital age which affects the way we teach because it already affects the way students learn.

What is the iGeneration? They are a generation of young learners who thrive on opportunities for choice, value independent exploration, and whose facile use of technology is a growing piece of their everyday routine. This conference, designed for all teachers at Trinity, will provide opportunities to stretch thinking, dialogue with peers at different grade levels and subject areas, and challenge you to rethink pedadogy as we shift toward greater personalization.

Participants in this two-day in-house conference will learn from presentations by George Couros (@gcouros), dialogue about new learning, and engage in independent study as it relates to upgrading Trinity curriculum.

*More reflections to follow…the word “thrilled” will no longer be mentioned.